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After a young woman was knocked unconscious during a violent attack by five men on a bus in London Bridge CCTV has been released in the hope that someone can shed some light on who these men are.

The CCTV shows the gang of men getting on the 344 bus at Lambeth Road and heading to Clapham Junction on August 29 at around 1.15am. Once on the bus the group headed to the rear where the 22 year old girl was sat. The victim had her clothing criticised and then one of the men poured their drink over the girl and pulled her hair. As the young girl - just 22 - tried to get up from her seat to move she was kicked in the stomach and pushed causing her to fall to the floor unconscious.

The group of men then simply left the bus and continued on their journey in the direction of Lambeth Walk.

London 24 reported on the description of the main attacker as -  "Light-skinned black man of slim build. He is approximately 20 years old and was wearing a black T-shirt with a patterned pocket on the chest, dark trousers and a baseball cap worn back to front. The other four men in the group were also black. One of the men was sitting on the lap of another for some of their time on the bus."

Anyone with information can call DC Mulley on 020 8649 2196. Alternatively you can report information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The Standard has reported on what we are likely to see price wise when it comes to our tube travel next year. After the hype has died down surrounding potential 24 hour trains interest has returned to how much we pay for them.

According to the Standards reports it's looking pretty good if you use Oyster Pay As You Go for most of your journeys as these fares thankfully won't be changing - all except single journeys in zone 1 and zones 1-2, which will rise 10p from £2.10 to £2.20.

cash bus prices are also frozen at £2.40 a trip - though this is likely due to pretty much no buses allowing you to pay by cash any more. Apparently only 1% of bus passengers now may by cash and we all know that is not the amount that would like to if they are caught short - if they were only allowed.

However the rest is rising. Travelcards will rise an average of 4.1%, in line with national fare rises. Cash fares on the Underground will rise 20p on all journeys. And finally Pay As You Go single bus fares are going up by 5p to £1.45, and the 7 day bus and tram pass is rising 80p to £20.40 (a 4.1% increase).


As we told you a few weeks ago Big Easy is opening a second joint in Covent Garden very soon indeed - so soon in fact that we can almost taste the seafood now! The new Maiden Lane location opens in early 2014. Taking inspiration from its King’s Road sibling it will offer a serious evolution of the beloved 'crabshack’ in a more urban West End setting. The new venue will provide the most authentic, American fresh-smoked Bar.B.Q, seafood, cocktail and drinks offer in the UK.

You'll be able to taste the seafood for free this month before the doors open however on the 11th December at The Big Easy Lobster Live event.

During the course of the day a 7ft lobster will be created out of ice and you will be able to find The Oyster Boys offering oysters and crab claws at lunchtime and in the early evening.

Get the date in your diary!

11th Dec

The Piazza Covent Garden, London WC2E 8RB

Arcade Machines are to 80's and 90's males what kittens were to young girls. We begged and begged to get one as a kid though sadly, unlike many a young girl, we didn't have our dreams answered in a little box bestowed upon us from the mighty Santa of Christmas land.

No, we had to toughen up and admit to ourselves that there is no Santa, there is no Rudolph, there was no hope. We only had one choice, and that wasn't pretty. Together with our fellow fearless warriors we would head out to the dark, dingy, testosterone fuelled apocalyptic no-mans land that was…

Trocadero Funland...

A place were few would leave as champions as many a self esteem was crushed and swallowed into a competitive vortex summoned by sacrificial Hadoukens and Killer Combos. The horrid feeling of your last pound coin to compete is something some of us still have Nam style flashbacks about today. (click here for some Arcade experience stories)

90's Arcade

Today though, thanks to technological advances things are very different, and now that we painted you a picture of our traumatic childhood of shame and defeat,  allow us to shine the light into your future with our favourite affordable alternatives currently on offer.

The first worth a mention is the impressive iCade for iPad. What started out as an April Fools joke on a gadget site a few years ago soon after became a reality when gamers all over the world cried out for it to be true. Now available online (cheapest on eBay) this setup lets you place your iPad inside a mini cabinet, sync it up via bluetooth and have proper control of your iMame arcade classics (and other supported games).


The only downside to this setup is the lack of secure fastening for your iPad and rather noisy retro buttons, though for some the latter might add authenticity.

Price: Around £70 on Amazon (some used ones on ebay from £20/£30 though)


Then, in true tech fashion someone somewhere thought 'how small can we make it?' and along came the Arcadie. Ideal for your iPhone (though there is also an iPad Mini version) this super mini cabinet lets you securely close your phone inside and play games. Unfortunately it only has two buttons so you have to remove it from the enclosure to select each game you want to play, but this could possibly be fixed in the future (hint to creators, holding both buttons and pressing a direction could work? both + up = start, both + down = coin etc)

Arcadie for iPhone

Price: Around £15 from many stores such as Argos (Bargain!)


There are also of course the rather pricey full-size and bar-top Mame cabinets, but we have a big feature on them coming up soon. So, until then, these are both ideal, affordable solutions to tide you over. Much better than a kitten who then runs up a £400 vet bill for running into Danny The Doberman…not so smart now are you Santa?

With the exciting NWA biopic on the way and talk of a Wu Tang movie, it was surely only a matter of time until we were finally given a proper big budget Tupac film considering the let down that was 'Notorious'.

The film has acquired licences to use Pac's full audio catalog so we know the music will be on point, and Tupac's mother has even given it the green light, however  two main questions remain, 1. Who is going to play Tupac? and 2. Who is going to direct it?

We personally would like to see John Singleton drafted in as the director for his amazing work on Boyz N The Hood, Higher Learning and most importantly, Poetic Justice, in which Tupac starred alongside Janet Jackson, giving Singleton personal experience and insight into Tupac's life.

Despite missing the mark a little with films like Baby Boy and 2 Fast 2 Furious, the important messages in Boyz N The Hood (cue amazing gentrification scene) are something a Tupac movie needs. The focus should be more about WHY the world needed a 'Tupac', to help explain his sometimes contradicting views, rather than a typical HOW there was a Tupac.

As for the actor to play him? We will leave that up to you guys to decide…but anyone who mentions Tyreese, Gillie The Kid, Ja Rule or the hologram from Coachella needs to slap themselves…and please, no Rick Ross as Suge Knight, we want a serious movie here.

Other Hip Hop 'biopics' worth checking out are Get Rich Or Die Trying, 8 Mile, Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story (surprisingly decent movie in which there is a 'Tupac' feature) and Fear Of A Black Hat (that one's for those who know).