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Red Hat is a well-known company that provides a number of products, such as operating
systems, virtualization, cloud-based solutions and storage. The company provides an open
technology package that you can apply according to your needs. It offers a wide variety of
certifications, based on the knowledge and skills necessary to work, implement and manage with
its products. Red Hat certifications are designed for system administrators, virtualization/cloud
administrators, application administrators, engineers, enterprise developers, etc.
To know more about Red Hat vendor and the certifications it offers, click the links below:

The RHCSA EX200 certification exam tests whether aspiring Linux system administrators have
the required knowledge and skills. In order to attain the RHCSA certificate, you must pass the
EX200 test. During it, you’ll be tested on all Red Hat foundational skills found in the company’s
products. Time is of importance when you decide to attempt this exam. Typically, you’ll have to
satisfy the requirement of sections such as lab practice and theory to be awarded this certificate.
Among the concepts you’ll be tested on, there are topics such as:

1. Software management
2. Troubleshooting
3. SE Linux
4. Networking
5. User access and privileges
6. Storage management
7. Auto mount
8. Remote file access systems

This is why you’re encouraged to review the exam objectives before you sit for the actual test.
Doing so will help you learn the key concepts of the RHCSA EX200 exam. This will ensure that
you understand the following topics:

 File operation using the Linux command line
 Invoke Red Hat Enterprise Linux help system
 Administer Linux local users and groups
 Perform required text file operations using Linux
 Set file and system access parameters

 Initiate, control,and monitor Linux processes
 Manage Linux daemons and services
 Install and configure OpenSSH services
 Read, understand, and maintain system logs
 Administer Red Hat networking services and processes
 Manage data sources within the Linux environment
 Install, configure, and update Linux software packages
 Create virtualized systems
 Conduct system performance reviews

You are given 150 minutes to complete this Red Hat exam, which has a minimum score of 210

4 Tips for a Dynamic Exam Preparation
This certification exam encompasses the overall skills required to administer Linux-based IT
resources. As such, expect to tackle questions that range from the entry-level to the progressive-
level Red Hat administration skills. Hence, you should plan and take due care when preparing for
it. Use the complete guide to ensure you’re fully and adequately prepared for Red HAT RHCSA
EX200 Exam.


Tip # 1: Understand the Objectives of the Exam
Knowing the objectives of the paper you're sitting for makes it easy to prepare and clear the
exam. Given that, you need to understand the significance of every topic of EX200 test you’ve
covered so far. As its objectives are straightforward, it will be easy for you to weigh themes
during your study period. What’s more, you’ll have access to exam elements such as passing
scores and time breaks among others. As a result, you should create a plan that revolves around
topics that are of greater significance in the exam.

Tip # 2: Attend Lab Sessions
In all of its courses, Red Hat prioritizes practical skills over theoretical knowledge. Its lab
sessions equip students with knowledge on how to solve typical problems helping the candidates
memorize key concepts effortlessly. You should have a functional Red Hat system to simplify the
learning process as well as your practice sessions. To top that, Red Hat offers downloadable
practice sessions, video tutorials, and exam walkthroughs. Use these resources to accelerate
learning no matter where you are located. Plus, you can use these labs for revising right before
you sit for the exam.

Tip # 3: Use Your Study Materials Properly
Red Hat provides a 52-pagePDF paper that outlines the goals of the RedHat RHCSA EX200 test.
In it, you’ll find useful information regarding PC repair and management skills. This means that you have access to contextually relevant material for acing this exam successfully. Besides,
course modules and minor details are explained sufficiently. This ensures that you can wade
through theoretical parts of the exam with confidence. Subsequently, ensure that you are well-
versed with all study materials and topics before you attempt this test.

Tip # 4: Leverage Early Question Papers
Use the previous EX200 question papers to hone your exam sitting skills. Besides, past papers
are an excellent way of simulating the actual exam. You can obtain these resources from vendors
such as Boson, PrepAway, and Transcender. Also, the web is an excellent repository of sample
Q&A practice sets, exam guides, and other materials. In doing so, you’ll gain valuable insights
into the exam structure and question answering approach. Keep in mind that by tackling difficult
past papers, you increase your chances of passing this exam in one sitting.
Important Exam Resources for EX200 Test

 Red Hat RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide
This Pearson certification guide covers core Red Hat Linux Enterprise topics. It has two parts:
RHCSA and RHCE. In Part I (RHCSA), you’ll cover basic system management concepts, Linux
operating system principles, advanced system management skills, and network management
while Part II (RHCE) covers Linux system configuration and system security.
 Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Exam PrepAway Video Workshop
The Red Hat PrepAway Workshop contains hours of video training covering typical difficulties,
pitfalls, and exam traps. Also, it has a completely worked-out EX200 exam to familiarize the
candidates with the environment of an actual test. In it, you’ll find helpful insights into the
structure of EX200 exam, suggestions on how to track time, solve a problem when you get stuck,
and how to answer exam questions.
 RHCSA/RHCE Webcasts
In this resource, you’ll find over eight hours of video courses that address core RHCSA/RHCE
certification topics. It targets Red Hat professionals in all skill levels. It contains interactive
videos, exam questions, quizzes, and exercises for testing your knowledge.
Best Websites for the RCHSA Exam
This is a members-only portal that offers learning and exam preparation material for the
candidates sitting for RCHSA EX200 exam. At you will find useful material in
all of the Red Hat certification programs. What’s more, all the resources found here are up-to-
date with the latest industry standards and practices.
The Pearson Red Hat resource center is the go-to web portal for a majority of candidates
attempting RCHSA EX200 exam. This site is renowned globally for its high-quality instruction guides in various IT certifications. Its Red Hat resource center is among the most diverse on the
web as it is stocked with exhaustive titles for anyone seeking to get Red Hat certified.
 Red Hat Training Materials
Red Hat Training Materials is more like an online library. Resources found here tackle the most
basic to the most complex Red Hat Linux subjects. In addition to that, in its download section,
you can find resources that guide you how to setup a virtual lab for use in training or for
simulating actual operational parameters.

Personal Experience
Passing RCHSA EX200 exam isn’t hard if you are sufficiently prepared. We believe that most
people fail this test because they think they already know everything, but actually, they don’t. For
those who think that the Red Hat official resources are expensive, we suggest using materials
from sites like,, By doing so, you’ll avoid
walking out of the exam room feeling depressed because you didn't complete a section of the

We may have just hit the Autumn equinox but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to sun. If you can’t quite accept that winter is on it’s way in the UK you can find highs of 40C after a 6 and a half hour flight to Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf.

It’ll cost you around £300 to fly to this historic nation, the centre of major trade routes since antiquity. In the capital, Manama you’ll find busy souks full of spices peals, amazing carpets and hand woven fabric (interior lovers up your baggage allowance now).

Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain are a great option for accommodation, right next to Manama and just a short trip to the Bahrain National Museum where you can learn the fascinating history of the Portuguese and Persian Past of the city.

Other must visit historical sites are the crumbling ruins of the old Dilmun civilizations, the mighty fortress of Qalat Al Bahrain, and for more recreational activities look no further than famous scuba diving sites and quaint desert towns spotted across the country.

Here are our top tips when in Bahrain:

  • Traditional Arabic coffee is regularly served in cafes in it's original form - that means no milk and no sugar, drinking coffee is part of important rituals in Bahrain. When you drink it take the cup in your right hand and always accept two cups (one will embarrass the host, while three will embarrass everyone else).
  • Bahrain is very permissive when it comes to alcohol, but public intoxication is illegal and is often severely punished so be respectful and be careful.
  • Most restaurants add a service charge between 10 and 15 percent, so tipping is usually unnecessary. Also, avoid tipping taxi drivers as they often overcharge foreigners.
  • Be aware of the dates you're travelling - For example Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours throughout the holy month of Ramadan. It is important for visitors to respect this tradition by not eating, drinking, or smoking in public throughout the month.

It’s just my humble opinion. We’re all to blame really, comfy clothing often wins the day and is becoming more and more acceptable to slouch about in ‘loungewear’ and what might have once been the preserve of your bedroom or the gym.

But shirts, on men are good. Much like heels on women look good - no one can dispute it. And if you’re having trouble mustering up the ‘give a sh*t’ to get a shirt on your back pick just a few special occasions, maybe a dinner and a birthday? And make the commitment to dress up a little.

Jacamo have a great selection of shirts at the moment, they also offer two lengths with a longer option for gentlemen of the taller variety.

If it’s a date you’re thinking of as a ‘special occasion’ then yes, please do wear a shirt!  It shows you’re made an effort and will no doubt make an impression over and above the trusty lucky T.


Edeline Lee LFW Spring/Summer 2019

Always elegantly disciplined, designer Edeline Lee injected some vibrant, dance fuelled joy into her LFW Spring/Summer 2019 show. Deploying any form of dance presentation at fashion week can be a risky affair, however, for Lee all the energy and movement simply showcased her appetite for freedom. Lee believes that "As a designer, I view myself to be in service to women, helping them to be well within their selves and giving them tools to construct and express their identities to the outside world."  She also backed up this committed with impeccable cutting and dynamic prints.

Edeline Lee FW Spring/Summer 2019

Amongst all the music, fun and action it was clear that her SS19 collection marked another bold step forward for this fast rising designer. Charged with ruffles and flounces, Lee used these to create movement with a positive spin. "Fashion is a playground for experimentation with performance and identity," she shared. This meant enlisting uplifting, powerful colours such as scarlet and ochre to ultimately bypass too girlie a summer look.

Edeline Lee FW Spring/Summer 2019

With dance legends including Trajal Harrell and Pina Bausch as inspiration she kept exploring the relationship between functionality and femininity.  Featuring 28 looks, Lee's energy refused to plateau and hit an even more playful note by introducing a bold zig-zag pattern. Her off kilter colour choices of  brown and green played off against scarlet, blue, ivory and ochre proved again that this collection was designed for women with character and quirk.

Edeline Lee FW Spring/Summer 2019

The use of ruffles and ruching became a precision point operation that involved either tiny, pin-hemmed versions or scrunched ruffles and eventually voluptuous, doubled and rolled flounces.Even Lee's shoes were given the ruffle effect.

Lee appreciates that her muse, 'the future lady' as she like to call her "is searching for and assuming diverse identities for different moments in their lives." Lee arms this journey with beautifully cut dresses and skirts that have enough fashion intelligence to also deliver movement and ease.

Edeline Lee FW Spring/Summer 2019

During LFW there has been much discussion about empowering fashion. But for Lee, like her brand, it’s about arming oneself for the female journey and using fashion as one's passport.

Words: Catherine Caines | Fashion Week Press

Imagery: Benjamin Tietge 

Ennismore Sessions House, London UK. 17th September 2018. Malene Oddershede Bach shows her designs at her Spring Summer 2019 presentation. © Chris Yates

Malene Oddershede Bach presented a compelling garden of earthly delights for her Spring/Summer 2019 show. Bach is a master of juxtaposing tensions, and for SS19 she explored the dynamic between feminine clothing defined with tomboyish details.

Ennismore Sessions House, London UK. 17th September 2018. Malene Oddershede Bach shows her designs at her Spring Summer 2019 presentation. © Chris Yates

The push and pull between masculine and feminine energies is a powerful theme. And it gave her LFW show a certain intrigue.

Ennismore Sessions House, London UK. 17th September 2018. Malene Oddershede Bach shows her designs at her Spring Summer 2019 presentation. © Chris Yates

Staged against a background of botanicals at the historical Ennismore Sessions House, there was an eerie beauty that fell upon the show. One couldn’t help wonder what lies beneath Bach's delicate floaty floral prints and stunning red carpet creations? For the Danish-born designer, there is always something modern and complex even to her most romantic dresses.

Ennismore Sessions House, London UK. 17th September 2018. Malene Oddershede Bach shows her designs at her Spring Summer 2019 presentation. © Chris Yates

She also charged ahead to include practical classic British stables such as shirt-dresses, PVC rain hats and rain macs. In Bach’s world a woman can never be too prepared. Especially when she doesn’t want to be compromised from wearing Bach’s luxurious jacquards and meticulous floral embroideries.

Ennismore Sessions House, London UK. 17th September 2018. Malene Oddershede Bach shows her designs at her Spring Summer 2019 presentation. © Chris Yates

The London based designer was ever diligent in innovating her brand - whether through new fabrications or playing with such urban staples as bomber jackets.

But it was the haunting focus on intricately embroidered Icelandic poppies that gave Bach's show its real  meaning. Poppies appear fragile, and yet sustain against all environmental odds. Bach understands beauty can survive even the harshest conditions and she insured every one of her SS19 creations showed that strength.

Words: Catherine Caines | Fashion Week Press
Images: Chris Yates