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Do you dream of working from home? Are you stuck in a 9-5 that just doesn’t inspire you? Or maybe you’re wondering how you can fill your time whilst the little ones are napping? Many of us dream of having our own little business; we all hear of incredible success stories where a huge multi million pound business began at a kitchen table. Or maybe you just want to work for yourself, and have a little extra income? Whatever your dreams might be, don’t wait on them anymore, why not make 2019 the year that you finally make a start on your future.

You don’t have to have a small fortune to start a business or have investments to fall back on – click the link to find out more about the latest in investments – all you need is a little time, a plan and determination to see it through. Read on for 5 start-up businesses you could start at home.

Cake making

Who knew you could make money from your delicious bakes? If you have a creative flair in the kitchen and simply love creating beautiful cakes, tray bakes and cupcakes, then why not charge for your services? From boxes of cupcakes for Valentines day, to made to order birthday cakes and even wedding cakes too. If you feel like you need to brush up on your icing skills, then you can always take a course or follow some simple YouTube tutorials until you’re feeling more confident.


Is there anything more straightforward? Anyone can make money from cleaning, whether you start small and help an elderly neighbour or a busy mum for a couple of hours, or you take it to the next level and start cleaning offices and workspaces. All you need is some cleaning equipment and a means of transportation to get started.

House sitting

Many people don’t like the idea of leaving their home empty whilst they’re away on holiday and that’s where house sitters come in. House sitting requires a lot of trust, so you’ll need to build a bit of a following and a reputation before potential clients enquire about your services. Start with the houses of friends and family and get them to leave you a review on your social media pages. You’ll soon see interest from new clients!

Dog walking

With so many commitments and work getting in the way, many people struggle to find the time to walk their dogs, turning to dog walkers instead. If you love dogs and enjoy getting out and about, then this job is one you’ll enjoy. Again, start by building a reputation via your friends and family’s pets first on your social media pages.


If you enjoy taking photographs and are pretty confident with a camera, then why not look into photography? From nightclubs, to birthday parties, even weddings and business shoots, people will pay good money to have special moments captured. Try enrolling in a photography course in your chosen field to brush up on your skills.

Markus Lupfer’s AW19 collection looks pretty familiar; the leopard print, the neon, the midi skirts, the faux fur…he has definitely taken inspiration from the trends we’re seeing everywhere right now. So, our guesses are that leopard print is going nowhere anytime soon, and judging by this line, we aren’t complaining.

Markus Lufper is usually known for his pretty dresses, classic shapes and fine attention to detail in his patterns and embellishments, and though these characteristics are seen throughout the collection, there is definitely a visible change from his usual style. His designs have evolved into something a little more minimal, but in a punchy, exciting way.

Faux fur trapper hats are a consistent accessory worn by the models, and bold details included oversized faux fur gloves and bags, chunky knit jumpers worn as scarves, embroidered midi skirts and Salomon shoes worn throughout. There is definitely an emphasis on style embracing comfort, with classic pieces of clothing such as the trench coat being turned into something unique yet easily wearable.


There is nothing outrageous or too extravagant about this line; it feels humble, and a lot more accessible to the everyday woman. Its simplicity has worked well in the designer’s favour, and rather than being showcased as a piece of art, you look upon the clothing with the feeling of ‘yes, I’d wear that.’

Every look embodied something classic. Whether it was a restructured duffle coat with a faux fur hood, a pleated midi skirt with a matching jacket or a beautifully embellished black skirt with a cropped leopard print over layer, each look took a current trend and elevated it.

As you walked around the show, you felt immediately comfortable, and it was a collection that you could relate to easily. The words: ‘new considered casual attitude for the modern woman’ was written in the leaflet, and that description couldn’t have been more accurate. We’re enjoying this new side to Markus Lupfer, and we're excited to see more.

Words and Gallery Images: Magda Kaczmarska | Fashion Week Press | @_magda__
Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer | @tegalouise


Mimpikita is a designer label founded by three inspirational females, who all come from different backgrounds. Their work celebrates the diversity of women, as they come together to bring unique styles and ideas that are motivated by all their different cultures. And their AW19 runway certainly encompassed all of these qualities.

It was no doubt an incredibly uplifting show to watch, as models walked down the runway to Whitney Houston’s 'How Will I Know' and 'I Want To Dance With Somebody', in designs that were vibrant, fun and cheerful. The pieces were hyper feminine, with floaty dresses, pastel colours, clashing prints and turtleneck tees filling out the runway.

The looks embodied a nostalgic, summery feel, using the popular layering trend to make these sunny pieces Autumn/Winter appropriate. There was a great sense of balancing beauty with comfort in these pieces, as the dresses and skirts dropped loosely and freely, donning less fitted tailoring whilst staying true to the female form.

The recurring abstract floral print became a theme throughout the show, enhancing the femininity of the soft silhouetted designs. Plaid prints were often paired up with these florals, as the clashing of patterns worked heavily in favour of many of these looks.

The use of turtlenecks was smart, operating both to cover up flesh for a more conservative attire and to turn a summer dress into something more suitable for the colder seasons. They heightened every look, particularly in the final piece that hit the runway. A stunning peach gown with charming embroidered flowers and a pink-mesh underlayer was paired up with a navy turtleneck, and it was by far the star of the show.

The uniqueness of the show came from the creation of designs being aimed towards women of all cultures, backgrounds and religions. It felt fresh, current and heartfelt; every look would guarantee to make you smile and you were made to feel welcome, inspired and hopeful. Mimpikita is definitely a designer to keep on your radar.


Words:  Magda Kaczmarska | Fashion Week Press | @_magda__

Tired of the winter blues? After the magic of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year, many of us are now left feeling tired, wary and deflated. So, what better way to beat those January blues than to plan a little getaway?

London is great, but if you’re craving a change of scenery, why not plan a little staycation? Getting out of the city and enjoying a little break away can do wonders for recharging those batteries and beating the winter blues. To give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some great staycation ideas to keep you going in winter.

Enjoy a relaxing break by the sea

Few things can leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed than a few days by the sea. Whether you’re looking to travel just outside of London, or you’re looking for a slightly further staycation, there’s lots of great seaside towns along the south coast to be enjoyed.

If you’re looking to stay close by, Brighton is an excellent choice. If you’d prefer to travel a little further afield however, Cornwall and Devon are pretty tough to beat. Both offer incredible scenery and a laid-back pace of life that you’ll find a refreshing change from the loud streets of London.

Spend a few days in the country

If you’re not keen on a winter seaside break, why not opt to stay in a house in the country instead? Head to the Cotswolds for a truly magical country getaway. With its breath-taking scenery and stunning thatched cottages, the Cotswolds are truly majestic. You can save a lot of money getting there too with super off peak tickets if you opt to travel during the week.

Some of the best spots in the Cotswolds to head to include Bourton on the Water, Blockley, and Lower Slaughter.

Get away from it all in the Scottish Highlands

Really want to get away from it all? A staycation to the Scottish Highlands could be just what you need. Inverness is a great destination to consider. There, you’ll find a number of great boutique style hotels, along with quaint home-from-home cottages you can stay in. Stay at a Lochside location for a true get-away-from-it-all experience.

Other highland destinations to consider include Glencoe, Loch Ness, Fort William and Aviemore. You’ll typically find winter breaks to the Highlands are surprisingly affordable.

As you can see, there are lots of places you can head to on a winter staycation. Whether you prefer a holiday by the sea, a relaxing rural retreat, or you really want to leave your worries behind and jet off to a remote mountain location, the UK has something to suit you.

Violence amongst the younger generation of the country has been at the forefront of the news for some time; including the epidemic of knife crime and gang-related issues occurring particularly across the capital. Steering young people away from crime is a hugely important task, with everyone from the government to community-based charities doing something to help prevent youth violence.

There is a growing pattern that the areas in which young people lack opportunities are the same areas that experience a higher level of crime and other related behaviours. Last year alone, 10-17 year olds were responsible for 21% of disposals given for the possession of a knife or other offensive weapon. This is something that has been a problem for some time; back in 2012-2013, there were just under 100,000 proven offences perpetrated by the same age bracket. There were also around 28,000 first time entrants to the youth justice system.

Knife crime, in particular, is at its highest over the last 8 years, with some of it coming down to the notorious gang culture found in parts of the country. London, in particular, is experiencing a huge problem in knife crime. So, how do you set about preventing it?

Early intervention

Trying to prevent youth violence in UK cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester can seem like an overwhelming concept. Early intervention has been cited as one of the more effective ways; in other words, becoming involved in prevention before someone has even had a chance to be associated with any sort of violence.

This comes mostly down to education and opportunity, particularly for those who are more vulnerable and most likely to be influenced into committing a criminal offence. Many charities and other organisations work at community level to integrate as many local people as possible, including the likes of youth clubs and schools.


Offering support and opportunity

Many young people will turn to gangs and crime as a result of lacking resources in their local area, leading to frustration and boredom. It can often start with anti-social behaviour and being a nuisance, gradually escalating to something much more serious. What’s more, the young population also fear attacks and bullying themselves, leading to the idea of needing to protect themselves.

With this in mind, improved support and education opportunities could be a necessary step in reducing the amount of youth violence in our cities. Educational workshops that teach new skills can be a driving factor in reducing crime, whether it’s through keeping young people off the streets or by helping them to see their own potential. Workshops, inspirational talks and even sporting events can all play a part in helping the young generation to follow a different path.

Local communities can come together to support initiatives, and provide positive influences for children and young adults.

Whether it’s a school, youth club or charity, everyone has a part to play in reducing youth crime. Providing young people with the chance to enhance their self-worth is priceless, and can ensure they are on the right path towards a good education and a fulfilling career.