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Often reserved for wearing indoors for the purpose of relaxing, loungewear is a casual fashion style that is effortless to wear and ultra comfortable. Over the years it has now been accepted as a style you can wear outside of your house, giving you a perfect alternative ensemble if you just want to throw something on to run errands or even head to the gym.

Loungewear often includes the likes of soft knitwear, jersey basics, hoodies and full tracksuits. Evolving from sleepwear into something more fashionable, men’s loungewear in particular is now included as a key trend to add to your wardrobe. So, with that in mind, here are some of the key loungewear pieces you need, and how to wear them.

Jersey shorts

Jersey shorts are made using a soft, jersey or terry fabric that create a casual but comfortable appearance. They are characterised by a drawstring waist and usually grey or black in colour for a versatile approach to loungewear.

Easy to wear throughout the year, they have a sporty look that means you can wear them to the gym, running to the shop or another other errands on your list. Pair them with a matching hoodie if the weather’s looking a bit hit and miss, or simply just throw on a t-shirt. The beauty of jersey shorts is they don’t need much styling.

Drop shoulder t-shirts

A popular characteristic of loungewear often means oversized clothing and relaxed styles. A drop shoulder t-shirt is what it says on the tin; it features a dropped shoulder seam and looser sleeves that create a comfortable design.

Perfect with jeans for an everyday look, or denim shorts through the summer season, it’s a much more casual t-shirt style that doesn’t require much effort. After all, the whole point of loungewear is to look stylish with minimal exertion on your part! Choose a block colour with a simple logo placement or raw hem for extra detail.


One of the most comfortable garments within the loungewear trend, sweatshirts are great for a number of activities, including sitting on the sofa. Long sleeved and made from jersey, cotton or fleece material, sweatshirts are great for the colder months.

Featuring a longline design, sweatshirts are often a great length and aren’t usually as fitted as t-shirts. Look for eye-catching styles like contrasting sleeve detail, cuffed sleeves and hems and crew neck for ultimate go-to comfort.

Full tracksuits

You can’t get much more casual than a tracksuit, and the choice in style is endless. Tracksuits are an ideal choice for when casual attire is acceptable, and they have become a much more stylish choice of clothing over the years. With fitted joggers and hoodies, men’s tracksuits are now taking advantage of all the various trends and incorporating them.

Contrasting stripe tracksuits are particularly popular, but through the summer you can get away with printed tracksuits in geometric patterns and brighter colours. On the whole, look for classic colours such as black, grey, red or white. Wear a matching set, or mix and max various colours depending on your personal taste.

This summer, escape the concrete towers of the capital for flowery fields and mountains where sumptuous spas await. The Austrian Alps have some of the freshest air in the world as well as all the peace, quiet and natural beauty you could ask for. Naturally some really world class spa hotels have set up shop here. Whether for a weekend wellness jaunt or longer leisure break, this week we’ll be daydreaming of the five following hotel spas…

SPA Hotel Jagdhof

The SPA Hotel Jagdhof is located in the twee Tyrolean village of Neustift im Stubaital. Its jSPA offers 20 different wellness experiences, including aqua meditation, a fountain of youth, salt grotto and herbal steam room. You can book Hawaiian, Oriental, Moroccan and Tyrolean massages to name a few! If you can manage to drag yourself away from this picturesque poolside (I struggle to drag my eyes away from the photo alone!), the surrounding area has a mountain lift system leading to heights of 3,210m above sea level, for truly life-affirming views. 3 nights sharing a double room costs from £384.90pp through


This the biggest rooftop swimming pool in the Alps and it belongs to the Hotel Schwarzer Adler in Kitzbuhel. The pool is not only scenic but fitted with an underwater sound system, and alongside its neighbouring bar and lounge it’s reserved for adults-only to keep the vibe peaceful and quiet. You can reach it by the ‘panoramic elevator’ that serves the hotel’s four-floor Black Spa, with its Finnish and Bio saunas, golden aromatic steam bath and laconicum. Treatments range from hot stone and anti-ageing massages to reflexology and lymphatic drainage. My favourite thing about the spa? Mobile phones are banned! Beyond the hotel boundaries, Kitzbuhel is a bright and buzzy town with designer shopping and there are 170 kilometres of beautiful jogging and walking paths. 3 nights half board with Gatwick flights costs from £549pp through



Herbert Lehmann

Among the Arlberg mountains, Gasthof Post has a three-floor wellness centre where you can doze off in a pine relaxation area, be pampered in treatment cabins and stay refreshed with the help of the fruit and juice bar. The outdoor pool is heated and I think you’ll agree, has views so amazing you could stay here until sundown! The spa is known for its jet peeling facials and having its own perfumery, so you can leave not only looking and feeling rejuvenated but smelling fantastic too! Gasthof Post is in the exclusive village of Lech, which with its cobbled streets and cute church is a lovely place for a stroll. 7 nights in a double room costs from €1,258pp through


With FIVE types of facial (cleansing, peeling, massaging, steaming, ultrasonic) five types of therapeutic bath (oxygen, milk, fruit, oil and salt), a choice of steam treatments (saline or herbal) plus the options of waterbeds, swing recliners, poolside or garden loungers to relax on, the spa offerings of the Alpbacherhof are hard to rival. What’s more, the hotel kitchen has a health-conscious menu to munch your way through guilt-free. Alpbach which this hotel calls home has been crowned ‘Austria’s Most Beautiful Village’ and if you have time to spare between spa treatments, there are some stunning walks and bike rides around. 7 nights B&B costs from £1,363pp through  

Astoria Resort

Not every hotel has its own natural swimming pond and trust me, the one at Astoria Resort in Seefeld is a world away from Tooting Bec Lido! It’s part of a 4,000 square metre indoor and outdoor wellness centre where there are also two swimming pools, jacuzzis and saunas (where you can attend guided sauna sessions). Pilates and yoga classes are available as well as hikes led in the wonderful surroundings. Besides massage and beauty therapists, the hotel employs a ‘relaxation trainer’ who will create a personalised R&R programme to ensure you find your calm. Seefeld has its own programme of wonderful things to do, including e-biking (basically cycling without the hassle of pedalling too hard), walks and golf. 3 nights half board costs from €627pp through  

Working in a retail business can be incredibly exciting and interesting, especially if you’re involved in the buying and merchandising. This means you have the chance to delve into the upcoming trends and pick the key pieces that will complete your collection for the season. However, this can sometimes be frustrating if you’re not sure where to look for clothes with a difference. After all, you want your retail brand to stand out amongst the competition, not look the same as everyone else!

Building your collection of the right clothes is integral to the success of your retail business. That’s why buying wholesale fashion could be the key to all your retail needs. Whether you need quantity, quality, access to the latest looks from the high street or the new celeb styles, wholesale fashion has the answer.

Why buy wholesale fashion?

The fashion industry is particularly fast-paced, with new trends emerging nearly all the time. What’s more, there are often multiple trends running alongside each other, working together to help you put together the right collection. With weekly updates of new designs, the fashion world can sometimes be difficult to keep up with.

Making sure your customers come back for more is a key goal as a fashion brand; this comes from making sure you stock quality garments that are in line with the biggest trends of the moment. Buying wholesale fashion gives you the opportunity to get a step ahead and stock those essential pieces that are going to fly off the shelves.

Access to quality and quantity

Buying wholesale fashion means that you have access to great prices; which in turn means that you can make a profit within your retail business when it comes to selling the stock to customers. You have the chance to buy in bulk, ensuring that your rails are full of the latest styles without going overboard on the price. Often, wholesale clothing will be available to buy in packs, with varying sizes included so that you can ensure you have a variety to sell.

With the clothes coming straight from the manufacturer, there is no middle man and the clothes haven’t been tampered with in any way. The quality of the garments will be of a great standard due to this too.

Compete with larger companies

Whether you are a small start-up or a much larger fashion brand, wholesale fashion gives you a lifeline and ensure you choose the right products that match your brand. If you get your collection right, the rest will follow!

Independent brands are becoming much more popular as they offer a niche style that differs from the rest; this is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right wholesale fashion business to work with. Buying the right designs can make sure you’re noticed by your customers more which can give you that strong loyalty and bump in profit necessary for a successful retail business.

Access to the latest trends

Wholesale fashion companies invest a lot of time into researching the latest trends and coming up with designs that fit in with high streets, celebrities; even taking inspiration from the catwalk too. This closes the gap between top trends emerging and those same trends appearing on your shelves.

With such a variety of clothes to choose from, buying wholesale fashion has never been more fun and more exciting!

If you are lucky enough to visit the UK capital then no night would be complete without taking some time out in one of London's top casinos, and as London has a wide array of world-class establishments which offer a fantastic night out as well as fine dining and entertainment.

Mayfair, the most expensive square to buy a house on in monopoly and in reality, Mayfair still boasts a prestigious post code and happens to be home to The Palm Beach Casino. Situated on Mayfair's Berkley Street the Palm Beach oozes luxury and glamour and boasts superb art deco features as its situated in the old ballroom of the Mayfair Hotel.

Not only is the Palm Beach a stylish and cosmopolitan casino and poker club it is also the only casino in Mayfair where you do not have to be a member which is a great plus point for those simply visiting the capital. Open 24/7 The Palm Beach provides a VIP welcome with a welcome that is second to none.

If you are looking for something grander in size then look no further than 'London's Biggest Night Out' which you will find right in the very heart of Leicester Square.

The Hippodrome Casino is certainly a grand casino as well as being stylish and a little on the quirky side as well. You can get into the building for free and if you are hungry then the Hippodrome offers you the Best Steak Restaurant in London.

In fact, the Hippodrome Casino is not solely designed for gamblers as you can take in a live show, have a cocktail or two and watch live sports. This grand building boasts six bars which have a 24-hour licence, private dining rooms, a cigar bar, outdoor smoking terraces and a Cabaret Theatre bursting at the stays with burlesque.  In fact, Lola's Underground Casino which can be found in the basement is the first of its type in the UK where you can watch live dancers in the centre of the gaming action, just like Las Vegas.

Last in our list of the spectacular is the Colony Club which brings Las Vegas right into the UK but without it being overly done.  The Colony Club is a superb venue which can be found in the Mayfair neighbourhood and is actually only a stone's throw from Park Lane.

Showcasing six continental cuisines where diners can pick from European, Middle Eastern, Oriental, and Asian fare, the cosmopolitan vibes that this classy establishment offers a relaxed and refined experience. Although the casino is members only it's well worth calling in for a meal or a drink, just to take in the ambience of London's most prestigious postcode.

It's lovely to visit the capital once in a while, but if you are unable to do so yet you would like to experience the thrill of playing at a live casino then you could do far worse than trying out an online site that provides you with live dealer casino games in the UK.  Live games are just like those that you play when at a bricks and mortar casino. They are played from a real venue in real time and with a real live human croupier or dealer.

You might have to wait a few minutes to join a table (just like you would have to at a physical casino) but once you are sitting then you will be able to interact with your fellow players, commiserating them if they lose and joining in the celebrations if they win.

All of this is accomplished by the use of a safe and secure stream, and you can play whenever and wherever you choose to simply load your choice into your browser and you are good to go.

Modafinil is an artificial central nervous system promoter that can reduce sleeping disorders. It stops the reabsorption of dopamine, thereby leading to an elevation of the extracellular dopamine in the body. This substance shows marked wakefulness-inducing actions and can promote cognitive activities in particular clinical settings.

Modafinil is in the class of wakefulness-inducing medications that decrease sleepiness that comes with disorders, such as narcolepsy, disturbing short sleep, and shift-work disorder (SWD). Occasionally, this drug is used unprescribed to correct symptoms of attention disorders in grown-ups above 18 years of age. This medication is regulated in its production and sale.

Contraindications of Modafinil

The common side effects of Modafinil in the body are pains in the head, backache, nauseating feelings, nervousness, runny nose, peristaltic rush, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and stomach problems.

The other grave impacts when you buy Modafinil are severe rash or allergies, excessive swelling below the skin, psychotic disorders, such as depression, worries, aggression, suicidal thinking, hallucinations, including signs of cardiac complications like chest pains, irregular heartbeat, and difficulties in breathing.

In extreme cases, Modafinil can cause hypersensitivity in many organs of the body which is potentially lethal. You should discontinue the use of this drug and get to the hospital immediately you begin to notice any of these grave impacts.

While taking Modafinil, you might not be able to drive properly, use a machine, or do any other possibly difficult tasks. Should you be disturbed by the effects of this drug, don’t keep it to yourself, speak to your physician. A lot of people using this medicine do not feel any of these adverse reactions.

Tell your physician if you’ve got any cardiac disorder or any of your family has ever got heart disorders or hypertension in time past. People who have physical heart deformities and other grievous heart disorders, should avoid using Modafinil.

Stimulating drugs like Modafinil can heighten arterial blood pressure and increase the pace of the heartbeat. Medical experts ought to check these essential indices very well when making prescriptions. Contact your healthcare service provider immediately should you notice warning signs like chest ache, dyspnea or fainting while using Modafinil.

Again, tell your doctor all your previous history of psychotic disorders and any past instances of depression or mania. Modafinil can increase fantasies, hallucinations, suicide and aggressive thoughts. Contact your physician instantly should you feel novel or progressively declining mental health feelings like depression or mania.

Old patients having impaired liver or kidney functions should be placed under close monitoring while using Modafinil. Stimulants in the class of Modafinil are not likely to be abused or get addicted to. Notwithstanding, people who have had a history of substance abuse should watch it when taking this drug. Using the medicine just as it is prescribed can lower the possibilities for its misuse.

Interactions Associated with Modafinil

Before using Modafinil, tell your doctor all other drugs you are currently using. Exercise some caution while using this smart drug with stimulants. Some illegal medications like Methamphetamine and Ecstasy have been known to react with Modafinil.

Modafinil has the potential of reducing the potency of hormonal birth regulation like drugs, drinks, patches, vaginal condoms, and intrauterine protective devices when using the nootrpic, and for four weeks after its use is discontinued. Speak to your physician on the birth regulation option that can lower the chances of conception while on the Modafinil drug.

Modafinil can increase the rate at which some drugs are metabolized by the body, and this can reduce their effectiveness. Cyclosporine is a typical example of those medicines whose processing can be affected by Modafinil in the body.

Modafinil can raise the level of some drugs in the body after they have been taken. These drugs include Omeprazole, Phenytoin,  and Diazepam. Caffeine is a substance that can raise the side effects of Modafinil in the body.

You’ll do well to tell your doctor all the vitamins or herbal drugs you are taking. In a similar vein, all the medications you are given at the pharmacy when you submit your prescription, and those non-prescription drugs as well, and allow your physicians and medical experts be aware that you are on Modafinil before you undergo surgery or go for a laboratory test.

There could be other drug interactions outside these, so, contact your physician to tell you more before taking Modafinil.

How Does Modafinil Treat Attention Disorders?

In the first instance, persons with attention disorder are plagued with a neurodevelopmental condition that makes it Herculean attempting simple tasks like driving a car, working Inman office, meeting up with schedules, or even mixing with other people.

Since Modafinil is in the class of eugeroics that induce wakefulness, it is presumed that the nootropic will be potent and suitable for treating some attention deficient disorder. Nevertheless, we must understand that Modafinil is just a recently-introduced drug, and was compounded by a neurophysiologist in the late 1970s. As such, the mode of working of Modafinil is not entirely understood. But then, temporarily, it is believed that this smart drug treats the attention-deficient disorder by increasing the concentration of histamine in the body.

By stimulating the body level of histamine secreted by the system, one tends to stay awake more. This analysis gives us an insight into how Modafinil could provide help in correcting the attention-deficient disorder symptoms.

Another source proposes that Modafinil acts by preferentially increasing the level of dopamine present in the brain. The fact is, this medicine is getting more widespread recognition and becoming more acceptable as a treatment alternative for signs of attention-deficient disorders.

Using Modafinil is just like taking a cup of coffee. You will most likely keep more alert, feel like talking, or have your attention focused. That is undoubtedly important for individuals who are attention deficient as they experience immense difficulties in concentrating even on simple tasks.