Rihanna and Lady Gaga are just a couple of the musicians that have taken to sharing their Halloween costumes on Twitter this year.

We know they love a bit of a dress but but apparently they also love any excuse to get their naked selves out on Twitter too.

What will scare many however is the fact that Rihanna was yet again back siding with Chris Brown (who along with friends dressed up as members of the Taliban?!! - tasteful).

Lady Gaga dressed up as a Cannabis Queen (never heard of one) but looked more like a bedraggled mermaid with her boobies out. It's lucky she wasn't invited to Rihanna's Halloween party in Greystones Manor in west Hollywood as they were wearing pretty similar outfits. Green must be in this season.

Rihanna halloween costumeChris Brown dressed as the TalibanLady Gaga for halloween