Do you want to get fit and toned but not act like a crazed Wholefoods loving green tea advocate? Let's face it - we don't all have it in us.

That's where Dirty Yoga comes in. Beginning in Brooklyn and due to emerge here this spring, Dirty Yoga is a breath of fresh air for all of us that still eat carbs and drink wine.

Instead of having to buy up expensive classes and get all zen you can download online tutorials that you can do at home, wearing something that's not from Nike or Sweaty Betty and maybe before you go out to dinner. What's also nice is that Dirty Yoga directs itself to both novices and those who are experiences and both men and women.

You subscribe to different packages online with options such as “The Habit”, a regular yoga programme, or “The Fix”, which is a shorter tester to see if you like it.

The website description is “Dirty Yoga is yoga served straight up so it won’t slow you down, It’s yoga for people going places. Yoga for creatives, inventors, entrepreneurs, self-starters  and agitators. Yoga for people with better things to do than yoga. People who want to get in, do their exercise and get out.”

We can tell you a secret though - you can get involved with Dirty Yoga right now  - here.