Did you know that in bricks and mortar Casino’s, traditional slot machines used to pay out on 3% of spins, but now - fast forwarding to modern day slot machines, they pay out on an average rate of 45%? That’s pretty good odds!

According to an article by Andrew Thompson in the Verge the slot machines today are far more generous than those of yesteryear. And it’s not for no reason either, it is a rather specific science in actual fact.

UK casinos  will know all too well the theory that comes behind these more beneficial odds. It’s all explained by psychology and has it’s roots in an experiment performed by BF Skinner. He discovered that a pigeon was more likely to press a lever that gave it a pellet of food on random presses than when every single try gave out the prize. Odd right? And not to say that we are hugely like pigeons but the theory is there.

Thomson writes: “ Too little reward and the animal becomes frustrated and stops trying; too much and it won’t push the lever as often”

You can read about some of the better options if you want to test yourself!

So the fact that machines pay out more nowadays is simply because people are working out better methods of play. Could this be because more people are able to have a little casino in their pocket on the tube? Who knows?