exploded pavement in cally roadThese pavement explosions aren't great. After several happening around South London now there has been another in Piccadilly no less in the West End.

An investigation has been launched into why this pavement exploded as firefighters were called in to tackle flames last night.

The explosion happened under a manhole outside BAFTA’s Piccadilly HQ following a series of small explosions said to have been sparked by an underground electrical fault at 11pm.

So if you were wondering why Piccadilly was closed in both directions between Regent Street and Duke Street for three hours this is why.

A spokesman for UK Power Networks said: “At approximately 11pm we received a report of an incident involving a fire from a cable pit. Our engineers were quickly on site to assist the emergency services in making the area safe and we have no reports of any injuries. A full investigation is being carried out as to the cause of the incident”.