Pepperoni pizza cocktailWhat do you get when you take the nation’s favourite pizza, a cocktail shaker and a healthy shot of imagination? A pizza cocktail of course! Thanks to the ‘out of the box ‘thinking by Domino’s Pizza UK and the clever bods at the London Cocktail Club, the nation’s favourite pizza the Pepperoni Passion, is set to become the latest taste sensation on everyone’s lips.

Created to coincide with London Cocktail Week, the Domino’s Pepperoni Passion Cocktail sees vodka infused with the pizza maker’s signature pepperoni sausage to create a spicy spirit that’s guaranteed to pack a punch. The pepperoni vodka is then beautifully blended with Domino’s secret recipe tomato sauce and a healthy dollop of passion fruit puree to give the concoction a uniquely sweet twist. To finish off, the cocktail is topped with a pepperoni, mozzarella and basil garnish to complete the pizza cocktail experience.

Combining all the elements of a pepperoni pizza in to a cocktail was no easy feat; “We decided to update the classic Bloody Mary formula, staying away from the savoury flavour profile and instead, using the tomato sauce for its fruity qualities; match it with passion fruit and a hint of spice” said JJ Goodman, Founder and Managing Director of the London Cocktail Club.

“The challenge of creating a cocktail to showcase the flavours of Domino’s Pepperoni pizza was totally up our street. We love pushing the boundaries of cocktail creation whilst keeping things exciting and enticing for our customers.”

JJ Goodman continued: “To create the pepperoni vodka, we cook off 500g of pepperoni in a pan with no oil, wait for the oil to come naturally from the pepperoni, add the oil to a bottle of vodka then put in the freezer overnight. The next morning the juices from the pepperoni will have set, while the flavour molecules will have attached themselves to the vodka. Strain off the solids et voila pepperoni infused vodka."

image004For fans wishing to create the Pepperoni Passion cocktail at home, this is what you’ll need:

Cocktail ingredients

·         50ml of pepperoni infused vodka

·         75ml of tomato juice

15ml of fresh pressed lemon juice

·         20ml of passion fruit puree

·         10ml of sugar syrup (equal parts caster sugar to water)

·         1 tea spoon of hot sauce

Pizza garnish

·         4 x slices of pepperoni

·         2 x small pieces of mozzarella cheese

·         Handful of basil

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and roll. Don’t shake the mixture as this separates the tomato juice. Strain into a highball glass over cubed ice and garnish with pizza topping by skewering pieces of pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and basil.

The Pepperoni Passion Cocktail is exclusively available at the London Cocktail Club in Shoreditch (29 Sclater Street, London E1 6GX) where you can grab a slice of the action for just £8.50. But hurry, you’ll only be able to order it during London Cocktail week 6th – 12th October!

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