Giant Edible Gingerbread Ticket Office Pops Up On London's South Bank Giant Edible Gingerbread Ticket Office Pops Up On London's South Bank

Fans of Shrek and gingerbread lovers should head down to London’s South Bank* on Wednesday 22nd April where an ogre-sized Gingerbread House Ticket Office will pop up selling the first tickets to the much-anticipated Shrek’s Adventure! London attraction opening this July.

The edible Ticket Office will be made from** 700 real gingerbread biscuit tiles, 100kg of icing and decorated with almost 250 giant candies, and will pop up early morning until around 2pm – or as long as the stocks of gingerbread and sweets last!

As well as buying tickets for Shrek’s Adventure! London, passers-by will be able to tuck into pieces of the house, and there will be thousands of biscuits and candy canes given away as well as prizes to visit the new attraction for free.

Shrek’s Adventure! London will be a new attraction from Merlin Entertainments in collaboration with DreamWorks, bringing to life a totally new Shrek adventure, complete with a cast of fairy tale characters, themed shows and sets, an amazing 4D bus ride, dramatic sfx and new DreamWorks animation.

The Gingerbread House Ticket Office is created by artistic bakers Tatooed Bakers in London. Those unable to pop along on Wednesday can book on and see live updates on @. ShreksAdventure 



525kg of flour

50L of golden syrup

105kg of sugar

134kg butter 

2136 teaspoons of ginger  

100kg icing 


700 gingerbread tiles – roof and walls

60 giant gobstoppers

50 giant Jelly babies

40 whirlygig sugar pinwheels

35 giant white and milk chocolate jazzies

27 giant Jelly beans

15 giant meringue boulders

12 giant Candy canes

5 giant chocolate hearts