The Urbanears product family is expanding with a whole new accessory line developed with the travel buff, music junkie and commuter in mind. Urbanears Accessories features all essentials that most definitely will come in handy for your next flight, next big gig or when you’re stuck in traffic. Cables, chargers, phone accessories and power banks.

The accessories are developed with a big portion of Urbanears DNA. You’ll recognise the fabric cables, tags and the genius SnapConstruction that makes it easy to attach the pieces together and keep track of them at all times. And, as all Urbanears products, the accessories come in a variety of colours so you can match them with your favourite pair of headphones.

Products below; The Acrobatic Cable Clip, The Careful Screen Protector, The Concerned-
Charge Sync Cable, The Helpful Phone Case, The Considerate Audio Cables, The

Urban ears accessories

Thunderous Charge/Sync Cable.

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