There are several restaurants and other places offering 50% off dining & bookings this Bank Holiday weekend which of course is good news as it means we can relax on the fact that there is a Bank Holiday upon us and most of us haven't been paid yet.

Below is a collection of offers you can find about this Bank Holiday in London including some shopping, some sipping of tea, some sight seeing and some stuffing of faces. Enjoy!

 Harrison’s in Balham is offering 50% off their food until the end of August every Tuesday and Wednesday which technically means you can go for 50% off the day after Bank Holiday but still, useful to know! Expect a menu to include dishes like Ham hock and black pudding fritters, £7.50, roasted cod, chorizo and borlotti beans, £16, and honey glazed pork chop with baked sweet potato, £14.50. That's £3.75, £8 and £7.25.

15-19 Bedford Hill  London, Greater London SW12 9RG

ASOS have 50% off at the moment and we are guessing leading through to the weekend. Shop here.



Get an afternoon tea with 50% off booked in at the HIlton in Victoria, find the tea here. £10.25 per head.

You can also get a private capsule on the London Eye at the moment for 50% off with prices starting at around £30. Book here.

LeCOQ, recently opened in Islington and which we wrote about yesterday has 50% off until the 25th August on dinner orders.