on the bab

Exciting times currently as not only does On The Bab comes to Covent Garden but we also now have an opening date AND a 50% off period of soft launch!

We gave you a little overview last week but of course all you lot are interested in is when you can get down there for yourselves!

So get down there over the soft launch to try out

    Yangyum chicken – On the Bab Covent Garden will be the new London home of Korean Fried chicken with two new varieties of the popular dish. Along with the original soy and sweet spicy coating, the new menu will include 'Padak' (fried chicken with sweet & sour spring onion topping) and 'Manuldak' (garlic chicken with Korean garlic garnish)

·       KORIMARI – Linda’s version of the traditional 'Choongmoo Gimbab' - seaweed rice rolls with a choice of Korean barbecue meat, served with a side of ‘Myulchi Bokeum’ (sweet, chilli dried anchovies) and ‘Danmuji’ (street food counterpart of Kimchi)

·       On The Roll – a Korean-style burrito rolled in a dry seaweed wrap with kimchi, seasoned vegetables, and your choice of Korean barbecue meat.

·       OTB Nibbles – showcasing Seoul’s current street food trend ‘Gyeran Bbang’ (a Korean muffin cased baked egg) and also offering rice poppers and a selection of Korean bar snacks (marun anju).


·       Steamed buns – served filled with bulgogi beef, spicy Korean chicken, spicy pork, or fried chicken

·       Kimchi bokeum bab - Korean style kimchi bacon paella with fried egg on top

On the Bab

36 Wellington Street,

Covent Garden,

London WC2E 7BD