Instagram has made us all budding professional digital photographers that's for sure. But did you know that there are a bevy of photo editing apps out there that you can have fun with before you stick your picture on your Instagram feed?

Ranging from our favourite sort of price, free to a couple of pounds there are a good number of great photo editing apps out there for you to have some fun and get creative with.

We have put together a run down of our top 5 favourites so that you can get out there, get snapping and then get editing and be the envy of all your Instagram followers.

Photo shop app screen grab

1. Photoshop for your phone. Price : FREE

This is a lite version of the photoshop that we all know and love. This photo editor app has the means to let you crop, adjust exposure, color, tint, change the hue, saturation and contrast levels easily.

There are also filters included such as lens zoon, grain and glow.

Way Cooler App

2. Way Cooler App. Price £4.99 / Sep packs 99p

This is probably what you have seen a lot of on photo feeds recently. The Way Cooler app has tons of great, Pradee-esque images to add to you photos including eyes, mouths and way more. There are so many options with this in fact that you can buy different packs if you don't want to shell out for the whole bundle at £4.99.

lenslight app

3. Lenslight App. Price 69p

Lenslight is really cool. If you are constantly jealous of people's atmospheric pictures when they get the sun in just the right place then this is the app for you. Lenslight gives you a ton of options for different lensflare and lighting for your images. It even has fairy dust and lightening bolts to play with. Now who wouldn't want that?

Diptic app

4. Diptic App. Price FREE

If you have been wondering how all these people have been adding more than one image into a nice little layout on their phone this is the answer. Diptic lets you pic a number of images and put them into a chosen layout. Extra customization comes with options to flip, rotate and adjust exposure and contrast when it comes to your images. There are several different templates and you can customize widths, colors and border edges.

Snapseed app

5. Snapseed. Price £2.99

Last but by no means least is Snapseed. This app offers similarities to the photoshop app but is much easier to use. Options are plentiful and include things like tilt shift, sharpen, selective editing and more. Snapseed also allows you to post directly to Instagram from the app rather than having to save, go out and go in.