makerscafe-3d-printing-cafe-london3D printing just got exciting. No longer just the foray of gimmicky press launches or expensive printing materials and 3D designers, now you can have a coffee and get something printed in 3D which you wait.

Of course the cafe is in Shoreditch - where else would it be silly? It caters to anyone with an interest in 3D allowing you to chat to and meet others interested in the 3D printing phenomenon

The cafe is called MakersCafe and it was founded by Soner Ozenc, the product designer and engineer who masterminded RazorLabs in 2006.

Ozenc explained in an interview with International Business Times, 'At the moment, people keep seeing these new technologies but there isn't much going on, on the street, or a place where they can actually touch the samples.'

The Facebook Page goest to further cement this describing the place at 'Half Makerspace (laser cutting, 3D printing), half Cafe (kick-ass barista style coffee),' where interested creatives will have a chance to see the actual machines. And 'the idea is they will come with their ideas and will witness their ideas becoming physical objects.'

If you are just starting out on your 3D printing journey then this is the place to come, they can offer help, advice and feedback:

'We are open to anything from any amateur levels to professionals, and are happy to be consulted to help and make these drawings ready for printing.'

Turn up with files created on software like Solidworks, Rhino or Google Sketch Up or simply bring a sketch. These can then be converted to digital files and realized with either 3D printers or laser cutters.

Customers are charged by the minute for both the 3D printing and the laser cutting, instead of having to pay for the materials used or have a subscription. Current rates are starting at just £1 per minute.