desk beers offer code

Wondering what could make this hump day a little brighter? It's not going to be the sun, that's for sure! So how about 25% off your first order with DeskBeers?

So far DeskBeers operate in London and Brighton but more cities will be added soon. They deliver beers for £2.50 each plus Vat and including delivery - pretty good hey? Well what's even more 'pretty good' is that we have a code for you to get 25% off.

DeskBeers is a subscription service that delivers craft beer from local breweries to offices on Friday afternoons. Each week, they hand pick a couple of beers from a different brewery for you and your team to enjoy.

If you get involved today you can get your first delivery on Friday and start looking forward to it today!

Our offer code for you to use is - WJLONDON