This weekend Mark headed to the Isle of Wight Festival, here's what he thought...

Oh Jarvis, you sexy bastard. Quite simply fantastic, Pulp made the weekend, after an out of sorts Friday headliner, Kings of Leon, had failed to impress and seemed rather low-key. So, on the sunset slot on the main stage, up stepped the Britpop legends Pulp and got us all dancing like Common People at the Disco 2000. Jarvis Cocker minced and strutted his way through This is Hardcore and Babies too, with a greatest hits set-list, that couldn't fail to please.

The weekend also offered the one and only Sir Tom Jones in the Big Top tent. We were treated to a whole medley of songs from his amazing career, which included Green Green Grass of Home and Delilah. The songs were all punctuated by Sir Tom's storytelling, which is definitely starting to resemble that of Grandpa Simpson, but hey, it's Tom Jones, if he wants to tell a slightly rambling story, who are we to stop him?

Headlining the Saturday night were the Foo Fighters and although it was definitely an enjoyable set, no one enjoyed it more than Dave Grohl. You get the impression that he may have been loving playing music just as much if it was just him and the band in a garage somewhere. So comfortable is he with the position of rock demi-God among so many fans, that any pressure he ever felt under to succeed has seemingly long gone, leaving a man who just wants to rock out.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a real British festival without the full set of weather conditions, so after a gloriously sunny Saturday, it had to be a wet and windy Sunday, the rain whipping at our faces as we left, somewhat damp, but singing 'I wanna be like common people' all the way home. Pulp, we salute you.