The year has barely begun, but we've already seen that 2014 could be rife with big name blockbusters that take a kicking at the box office. The Keanu Reeves-fronted martial arts epic 47 Ronin fell flat on its face, with its reported $200 million production cost drumming up just over $80 million in ticket sales to date, which with advertising expenses factored in will probably end up leaving Universal with a $175 million loss on its hands.

2013 saw a handful of major fumbles, including Disney's The Lone Ranger and Universal's R.I.P.D. But could 2014 be an even worse year for movie flops? Here are just a few of the likely candidates that probably won't make enough money this year.

I, Frankenstein

This silly-looking supernatural action movie stars Aaron Eckhart as the not-so-monstrous hybrid human we all know and love from literature. But with some unconvincing CGI and a subject matter that few people will care about, it's not well positioned to make money on its $68 million budget. It all seems a bit...stitched together. We're getting it in the UK on January 29th.

300: Rise of an Empire

Sequels are generally a safe bet for studios. But in this case the presence of a new director and virtually none of the stars of the original could cast 300: Rise of an Empire onto the rocks and leave its corpse to the seabirds. You'll be able to catch it from March 7th.

The Legend of Hercules

There's not a lot going for this movie adaptation of a swords and sandals tale that has survived for millennia. It stars Kellan Lutz, who's best known for being a peripheral vampire in the Twilight series, and has the inauspicious task of taking on another Hercules movie this year, which has the mighty Dwayne Johnson in its title role. Sure, The Legend of Hercules is out first, but it'll have to move mountains to make a profit on the $70 million it cost to make.

Need for Speed

With all the good will of Breaking Bad behind him, Aaron Paul's first starring role in a Hollywood movie could muster decent audience numbers, if only out of curiosity. But as Need for Speed is going up against the seventh entry in the Fast & Furious franchise, which will have the death of Paul Walker to thank for its potentially huge box office haul, it might struggle to convince all but the most dedicated of videogame nuts and petrol heads to visit the cinema. And the $66 million budget hasn't prevented it from looking a little bit naff. Decide for yourself on March 14th.


If someone put a gun to your head and MADE you reboot RoboCop, the worst possible thing you could do is tone down the violence and aim for the 12A/PG-13 rating. And yet here we are. It didn't work for Total Recall, and it's not going to work for this upcoming movie either. Even a black exoskeleton and a $120 million budget won't prevent it suffering a decisive faceplant. Its UK release date is set for February 7th.

Jupiter Ascending

Whatever you think about the premise of the Wachowski's new sci-fi flick, we're just not sure that Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum can carry a blockbuster of this scale between them. You'll have to wait until its July 25th UK release date to find out if we're right on the money, or cynical hacks.