It's that time of the year again. We all forget how cold we got last year and how many bruises we achieved trying to ice skate and go out in search of one of the capitals slippery, slide-y public areas to feel all festive and suchlike.

Well, if you are not a once a year ice ninja and want to save yourself pain and embarrassment then head to Q on ice and watch everyone else walk like they did as a babe around the outside of the rink whilst you are toasty warm and getting 20% off.

Ice Rink Canary Wharf has announced that their resident restaurant and bar Q on Ice will return this year. The 20% off is to celebrate the opening week. It will last for 3 days only, starting today, so make sure you grab your friends and colleagues and come down to try their mouth watering dishes from the BBQ menu and raw bar.

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